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Wealth aficionado, visionary, mentor and escapee from the confines of the corporate high finance on a mission to bring you all the things you need to know  about how to build integrated, enduring wealth.

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In futile attempts to forecast the future, the financial world is obsessed with making obtuse extrapolations from myriad data points, which are then packaged up and offered as the latest and greatest analyses of financial markets for your viewing pleasure. To add insult to injury, the media adds to the mania by latching onto the […]

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I'm Amanda,
former Financial Advisor;
gone rogue.

I believe in you.

I believe, given the systems, mentorship, & support, you are more than capable of creating, cultivating, and conserving wealth.

In fact, I think you'll do a better job at it than some "professional" working on your behalf.

After all, who is more likely to have your best interest at heart and your back when times get tough?

You? Or someone that has their own wealth & well-being to worry about?

The first act of my career was spent working with the ultra-wealthy at big-name wealth management firms like Wells Fargo Advisors and Merrill.

While it was illuminating to get hands-on experience with how the 1% manage their money to scale their wealth, it constantly made me wonder why this information wasn't accessible to everyone. Essentially, if you weren't one of the fortunate few that either figured it out or were privileged enough to be born into a household with a healthy relationship with money, you were shit out of luck.

We could make the world a better place if everyone had access to proven systems and timeless techniques to manage their money to create wealth instead of just those with over a quarter of a million dollars to invest.

Complicating matters, it became apparent that there was something big that the traditional financial services offerings were missing. The industry excels at the numbers, the probabilities, and the percentages but pays mere lip service to the human experience of money. And within this oversight is the potential for each of us to stand on a solid financial foundation and set the stage for our future successes.

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